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Bedern Hall 2012
 Recording the events of September 1066
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Find out about the battle of Fulford



The battle of Fulford website


Panel 1 - Scarborough


  Panel 2 - Rampage through Holderness


  Panel 3 - Preparing for battle


Panel 4 -Confrontation


Panel 5 - Outflanking at the ford  


Panel 6 - King Harald enters York

Visiting Fulford

Map York


February 2012

During the Jorvik festival, the almost-finished tapestry was put on display while the team of embroiderers worked on and answered questions for the 400+ visitors.


As a part of the display, and help spread the costs, a Norse textile workshop was run by friends from Gothenberg Museum, led by their education officer Mari Wikerts. The plan was to cover a range of techniques by the focus was on nallbinding although tablet weaving, braid making, felting and natural dyeing were also being demonstrated.


(Left) Tony Ravenhall - (in the blue tunic) - explains tablet weaving and had a range of Norse clothing and some of his weapons on display.  


Read about the battle that inspired the tapestry

Panel 1 from the coloured design

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Panel 6 from the original sketch

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