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Dyeing 05
 Recording the events of September 1066
raven sketch

Find out about the battle of Fulford



The battle of Fulford website


Panel 1 - Scarborough


  Panel 2 - Rampage through Holderness


  Panel 3 - Preparing for battle


Panel 4 -Confrontation


Panel 5 - Outflanking at the ford  


Panel 6 - King Harald enters York

Visiting Fulford

Map York

Indigo/woad dyeing The process gets under way guided by Sue and Val, our experts. Here they demonstrate the alchemy that transforms the wool threads to blue (more below)

Jul 2005

a days work dyeing A sample from the first day's work. The different intensities of blue come from multiple drippings. The picture does not do justice to the subtle but intense colours produced by the various natural dye stuffs.


Indigo/woad dyeing The indigo and woad dye goes blue only as it is exposed to the air. It comes out of the yellow/green liquid, but as this drains (not back into the dye-vat) the colour develops as air is drawn in.  Indigo/woad dyeing
Fulford tapestry threadsSome Threads Some images from the open day 2007.



Combing raw wool & Indigo dyeing


Read about the battle that inspired the tapestry

Panel 1 from the coloured design

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Panel 6 from the original sketch

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