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Part 3
 Recording the events of September 1066
raven sketch

Find out about the battle of Fulford



The battle of Fulford website


Panel 1 - Scarborough


  Panel 2 - Rampage through Holderness


  Panel 3 - Preparing for battle


Panel 4 -Confrontation


Panel 5 - Outflanking at the ford  


Panel 6 - King Harald enters York

Visiting Fulford

Map York

Panels 3 & 4

Below is a black & white image of the 5 metre tapestry, with the coloured design below that. It has been split into sections to make it easier to display on the web.

The story behind this panel 3. & panel 4

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Read about the battle that inspired the tapestry

Panel 1 from the coloured design

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Panel 6 from the original sketch

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