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 Recording the events of September 1066
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Find out about the battle of Fulford

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The battle of Fulford website


Panel 1 - Scarborough


  Panel 2 - Rampage through Holderness


  Panel 3 - Preparing for battle


Panel 4 -Confrontation


Panel 5 - Outflanking at the ford  


Panel 6 - King Harald enters York

Visiting Fulford

Map York

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Getting Started

During 2003 many expert were approached to undertake the design but the results were not encouraging. Through the winter months of 2003/04, Chas Jones began to investigate the design. The library and staff at the Victoria & Albert museum were extremely helpful and even offered to let me see the earliest images, but I used their excellent photos instead.


We had two very good session where some of the practical issues were investigated.
bulletWhat type of stitch?
bulletCloth to use?
bulletThread to use?
bulletColours to employ?

We quickly worked out the stitch used, and it was clear that the skills and support were available. It was also possible to estimate how long it might take and the amount of material that would be needed.

July 04


Jan Messent is an expert on the design and iconography of the Bayeux tapestry. She inspected and advised on the early design.

Aug 04

She has written some  wonderful books


Jan Messent has created a design for the final part of the Bayeux Tapestry that had rotted. 

It is now on display in the James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough.

The major research leading to the  final images and the overall design was produced during the winter months of 2004/05. John Hall of Reprotech Studios in York then had the task of scanning and scaling the images to fit the design. All of the bars and lines were inserted at this stage.
The first draft of the first 3 panels is inspected.

Feb 05


We were very fortunate to have Penelope Walton Rodgers from The Anglo-Saxon Laboratory in York and her strong recommendation that we use natural dyes which launched the dye project with the help of Val Parker.

The dying of the threads got under way in Feb 05



Read about the battle that inspired the tapestry

Panel 1 from the coloured design

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Panel 6 from the original sketch

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