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 Recording the events of September 1066
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The battle of Fulford website


Panel 1 - Scarborough


  Panel 2 - Rampage through Holderness


  Panel 3 - Preparing for battle


Panel 4 -Confrontation


Panel 5 - Outflanking at the ford  


Panel 6 - King Harald enters York

Visiting Fulford

Map York


We considered spinning the wool but abandoned the idea as the quality of the threads used in the original Bayeux Tapestry can be well matched to yarn that we could purchase - Yorkshire still has a vibrant wool spinning industry. 

We experimented with a number of yarns, testing the ideal number of plys for the various components of laid work

Right - One of the experimental sessions at Barley Hall to investigate the feasibility and develop techniques.


These are examples of the distaffs on which the carded wool would be placed and drawn out by the nibble figures of the spinster. (See below)
These are some of the spindle whorls, mounted on a variety of woods, including one called 'spindle', that were found on the battle site.

They were all made from lead, even though texts suggest that stone and ceramic were more common. There is little published work about why they varied so much in size and weight. Some interesting practical work needs to be done!

Threads are referred to as S or Z, which specifies the direction of spin. This was important then it cam time to ply the strands together to make a strong thread. The direction of twist was also carefully assessed by weavers when their looms were prepared with the warp and weft threads.

There is more about the craft of spinning.  The Stitches  The threads  Working tips and instructions


Read about the battle that inspired the tapestry

Panel 1 from the coloured design

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Panel 6 from the original sketch

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